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We represent a community of lifestyle creators, writers, thought leaders and visual artists who have built authentic audiences on social channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Vine, YouTube and elsewhere. Snapfluence was created to respond to the growing need for brands to partner with these influencers and engage their fans authentically.


We are a part of Seen, a platform helping world-class brands launch and promote visual marketing campaigns.



We provide creative opportunities for our influencers to become partners and advocates with top brands. By simply engaging with our unique photo campaigns and hashtags, we give influencers creative control over the content they produce.




Outside of campaigns, we're still a community. Expect to hear from us every few weeks about internal campaigns and giveaways available only to Snapfluencers, ways to get involved with us and tips on achieving influencer glory.

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Let us dig through the noise and find the right visual influencers for your brand.

We use our network and social data to connect and identify the best fit for your campaign's needs. From there, we take care of the influencer communication and content scheduling so you can sit back and watch the social conversation unfold.  



Influencer Activation 


Our influencer database makes it easy to target the right content producers on Instagram to prime fan activation in your social campaigns.

Campaign Management Software


Our campaigns tool enables marketers to create and manage authentic and exciting brand experiences using photos and videos from fans in Instagram and Twitter. Read more about our campaigns.

Data Driven Results 


We have a transparent auditing system that measures impressions, engagement, and total activation performances of each campaign influencer.  Learn more about our insights.

Influencer FAQ

How do I qualify as an influencer? 

We accept and respond to all applications we get for joining our community.  We accept applications based on quality of media and engagement with each applicant's followers. We don't just choose those with the largest following, but find those who fit best with the brands we work with and those that have done the best job in building a community.

What do I do after applying? 

After reviewing your application and accepting you into our program, we will reach out to you with details about a potential campaign partnership when it becomes available.

How will I be compensated?  

Every campaign we run with our network is unique to each brand. This means that compensation varies by campaign budget and focus. Brands are likely to offer 3 types of compensation depending on your following and their need:

  1. Free product or services

  2. Monetary compensation

  3. Increased exposure to your personal brand

What do campaigns look like?   

All campaigns have an underlying mission and hashtag associated with their photo campaign. Ambassadors promote the campaign or hashtag in any way they can authentically connect with their audience. We don't want you spamming your audience, but rather become a partner in promoting authentic content around the brands message and hashtag.

Still have a question? Send it over to info@seenmoment.com.


We work globally and play locally. 

We’re proud to call Columbus, Ohio home. 


For further questions, please contact info@seenmoment.com or visit our parent site at seenmoment.com.