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The Lord of the Rings-inspired game Shadow of Mordor will be released next week for users to engage in crazy, open-world battles taking place within the world of Middle Earth. We want you, our influencerto let people know about the launch via a tweet pointing them to a YouTube playlist with game trailers and teaser vids.

Posting requirements:

  • Post once to your Twitter account
  • Must NOT mention any characters, actors or story lines from Lord of the Rings or Hobbit books or movies. Tweet may refer to Lord of the Rings as a world and mythology but can't give details about specific characters
  • Must include the name of the game: Shadow of Mordor
  • Must encourage readers to check out the trailer and gameplay vids on the destination link -
  • Must include #sp hashtag to disclose it is a sponsored tweet

Sample tweets:

1. If you love LOTR then you have to check out the new game: Shadow of Mordor. Check out gameplay + trailers here: #sp

2. Battle and conquer orcs and the like in the game, Shadow of Mordor. Avail 9/30. Click for vids + trailer: #sp

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