We're partnering with Reebok to help amp up their new ZPump Sneaker through some incredible, authentic content creators. Join us?


Reebok ZPump

The ZPump is an eye-catching running shoe that pumps up and completely conforms to the unique contours of your foot for a custom fit for any foot. Reebok will be focusing on the consumer promise of “Fit for Any Foot.” 

Program Overview

To show off this new shoe - Reebok asked us to find the most aspiring, yet approachable content creators to try their products and drive brand awareness through original content. That’s where you come in.

Your challenge is to visually capture the experience of wearing the Reebok ZPump and the confidence that is born out of pushing your own personal limits, expanding your mental & social strength, not just your physical strength. Content creators will receive a variety of Reebok gear -not just the ZPump - for inspiration & use. We want you to combine with your personal experience and interests to create visually compelling and authentic images that compliment the premium quality of the Reebok brand.

Content Creator Requirements

-  All content creators will create a minimum of 4 pieces of content (images and/or videos).

- All content creators will pass a 1-2 sentence posting concepts to Reebok for each piece of content prior to creating content . Please include the location, activity and items worn in each piece of content. 

- All content creators are subject to edit/reshoot 2 pieces of content, per request of Reebok.

Photography Style Guide

Reebok's photo style is raw, dramatic and rooted in truth. They feature real athletes doing real exercises. Styling and lighting are as natural as possible, to heighten the authenticity of the imagery. Clothing and footwear are shown in a flattering light, but can have evidence of sweat, mud, dirt, etc. While Reebok athletes are clearly pushing themselves to the limits of their abilities, it's clear that they're not miserable. There's an intimate sense of joy in this level of pain. 


- Show off your favorite spots for exercise & movement, featuring the ZPump.

- Take the ZPump out of the studio and into the streets, focusing on action, “cool”-ness of breathable technology and custom fit for any fitness enthusiast.

- The primary usage for the ZPump is geared toward short-term running; your 5K’s and your morning/after work runs mixed with training, mobility movements. Please avoid showcasing the product in long distance and off terrain runs.

- ZPump in informal, approachable and genuine environments for exercise.

- Pair ZPump with athleisure wear for an on-the-go moment.

- You choose where the ZPump takes you!

Product Styling


- Feature products on-figure.

- Wear with athletic and/or athleisure wear.

- Show at least 50% of the ZPump in every image.


- Show product in flat-lay format.

- Wear with jeans or street clothes.

- Show any brands other than Reebok in content.

On-figure Posting Requirements

- Avoid straight on groin shots when wearing the pants.

- Face does not have to be in shot (but can be).

- Focus should be on the activity, not overtly modeling the product. The product is there to amp up whatever activity you are doing.


All content creators will be given 3 pieces of Reebok product, valued at $200 or more. Compensation will be distributed via PayPal on 1/16/16 (30 days following the program end date - 12/21/15). The amount of compensation for participating in this program will be determined prior to the program start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager.

Project Timeline

All creators will be given a deadline to deliver their content to Snapfluence, which will occur no later than 12/10/15.  All edits/revisions will be delivered to Snapfluence no later than 12/17/15. 

Sample Images

Let's Make It Official

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