Jam Audio Influencer Program

We're working with Jam Audio to generate awareness of their new headphones and speakers! We think you'd be a perfect social influencer to work on this campaign, won't you join us?

Campaign Overview

We're looking for influencers to share authentic, photo-worthy moments of music in their everyday life, featuring Jam Audio speakers and headphones. Whether you're jamming on the walk to work or playing tunes at a friend's party, we want to see how these products enhance how you listen to music! As the influencer you have creative control over the photos and captions you post, as you know best how to authentically engage your followers! 

About Jam Audio

Jam is the #1 brand of Bluetooth speakers in the USA! Jam products deliver more boom with less box. Where there's a Jam there's a party. 

Influencer Requirements

-  Each Jam audio influencer will share at least 2 unique posts on Instagram 

- Include at least 1 of the Jam Audio products in each photo

- Tag @jamaudio in all captions and photos

- Tag #JAMaudio and individual product tag in all posts. Only use tag of product(s) in photo. (#TranceMini, #JAMTransitCity, #JAMminibuds). See below for products. 

- Tag #sp in all posts (caption or comments) to designate sponsored post

Influencer Compensation

All influencers will be given 3 Jam Audio products prior to beginning the campaign (pictured below). 

Key features - Wireless, Bluetooth, portable. These products work both for group enjoyment (speakers - can be paired with other speakers to boost the sounds) and personal enjoyment (ear buds/headphones).

Campaign Timeline

All influencers will be assigned to 2 different posting windows between 7/22 /15 - 9/30/15. 1 post should go live during each posting window. 

Looking for photo inspiration?

Check out Jam Audio's brand assets, below. 



Let's Make It Official

To formally sign up as an influencer for Jam Audio, please fill out the form below. 

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