Hey there! We're working with InviteUp to amplify usage of their new app. We think you'd be a perfect social influencer to work on this campaign. Won't you InviteUp with us?


Campaign Overview

We're working with InviteUp to amp up their app on Instagram and Twitter through creative influencers in LA. Influencers will let their followers know they are using the InviteUp app to search upcoming dates in LA and encourage their fans to PostUp dates for a chance to hang out in person with the Influencer! Influencers may inspire their followers by hinting at some of their favorite date activities or sharing their top LA spots. 

Each influencer will choose an InviteUp user to meet up with. InviteUp does not make date choices on behalf of influencers. Whom the influencer chooses to meet up with is up to the influencer herself. The only requirement is that the date must be confirmed via the app and within the timeframe indicated in the agreement with the influencer. 

Influencer will also create an InviteUp profile and post at least one non-actionable date 30 days from the campaign start, so that her profile is visible to users. The influencer is not required to view, entertain or accept any invitations they may receive for their posted dates.

You know best what authentically engages your followers, so we give you creative control over the content you post! 

About InviteUp

InviteUp quickly connects you with new people so you can meet in person at the places you want to go! Partner platforms like Foursquare help you narrow down actual places, then choose when you want to go, who’s grabbing the bill, and whether you want to fly solo or bring friends.

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App Features

 - Upload up to 6 photos to your profile
- Create a one-on-one or group date/meet up at a movie, coffee shop, bar, museum or any other one of Foursquare’s 65 million places, and PostUp to find out who’s down for the same thing
- Search dates/meet ups by Places (date locations) or Faces (profile photos) to see what’s going on today or any day in the next 30 days
- Filter your matches by age, location, or even workout regimen
- No wasted time on lengthy profiles or messaging
- Browsing is anonymous and messaging doesn’t open until a date is confirmed
-Free to download and use all features
- InviteUp is exclusively live in Los Angeles on iOS and will be rolling out to other cities soon! 

Posting Requirements

- All influencers must download the InviteUp app on an iPhone to create a profile and create a one-on-one or group date/meet up
- All influencers will review dates posted on the InviteUp app and select one to attend
- Each Influencer will share 2-3 moments on Instagram and 1 - 2 moments on Twitter
- 1-2 moments will be shared prior to their meet up and 1 moment will be shared during their meet up (To be determined by Snapfluence Community Manager)
- Tag #InviteUp and @inviteup in every post
- Include custom app download link in bio or within caption 
- Encourage followers to post dates in the app for a chance to confirm an InviteUp date with you
- Designate sponsored post status with one of the following: #ad, #spon, #sp or #sponsored
- Tag social accounts:

Posting DO's

  • Suggest date activities (e.g. hike) or places (e.g. Runyon Canyon) you actually want to go to to inspire your followers - this date/meet up is all about you!
  • Create a photo & caption that's authentic to your posting style
  • Follow posting schedule, given by Snapfluence Community Member

Posting DONT's

  • Mentioning of other apps
  • Post a screenshot of app
  • Profane or derogatory words/speech
  • Highly-sexualized content
  • Racial, gender or socioeconomic jokes or comments
  • Use of weapons or implied weapons

Influencer Compensation

Compensation will be distributed via PayPal within 30 following the campaign end date. The amount of compensation for participating in this campaign will be determined prior to the campaign start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager. 

Campaign Timeline

This campaign runs from 5/13/15 - 6/30/15. Influencers will be assigned to 1 posting window during the campaign duration. All of posts should be made within this window. 

Sample Posts

This is the week I step away from the Chipotle and try one of the um-teen restaurants in LA that I haven't been to. But don't make me go all alone! If you post a date on @inviteup at your fave LA eatery this weekend I just might join you. Grab the #inviteup app at http://apple.co/1I1Ktra. #sp #cheerstotheweekend

Found the most unbelievable meal and even better company from my #inviteup today at Mastro's. Can't wait to keep exploring LA with @inviteup! Join me at http://apple.co/1I1Ktra. #losangeles #sp #sundayfunday

Let's Make It Official

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