Hilton Garden Inn is looking to partner with amazing content creators to show off their favorite cities. We think you'd be a perfect fit for this program, won't you join us?


Program Overview

Hilton Garden Inn is looking to partner with a handful of content creators to create engaging, inspiring and inviting imagery for the brand's Instagram account. The account will be launching at the end of December - and will feature curated collections of local favorites from 17 cities across the US.


Who better to curate those images than you - someone who knows and loves your city.  

About Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn® has everything you need to be successful with nearly 600 locations worldwide. Visit them at www.HGI.com.

Content Creator Requirements

- Create at least 11 images from the city designated by your Snapfluence Community Manager. 

- Images can take place at a restaurant, museum, park, music venue, shopping destination, etc. Anything that you like to do that you think Hilton Garden Inn guests would enjoy in the area!

- When passing all images, include the following 3 details:

1. Name of the location

2. Address (so it can be correctly tagged)

3. A short description of why you like this location

- The images you pass to Hilton Garden Inn can previously have been posted on your social accounts

- Follow outlined image guidelines, below:

Image Guidelines


- Photograph recognizable landmarks or structures in your designated city
- Only photograph people from the chin down. If photo includes a person's face they must sign a release form. Release forms will be provided by Snapfluence Community Manager.


- Use a filter
- Take a photo that is dark or blurry
- Include any visible logos or Intellectual Property - unless the company owner signs an agreement allowing HGI to use it. This includes original artwork such as sculptures. Release forms will be provided by Snapfluence Community Manager.

Use the following images as inspiration for your photos:


Compensation will be distributed via PayPal 30 days following the program end date. The amount of compensation for participating in this program will be determined prior to the grogram start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager.

Program Timeline

All creators must pass content between 12/28/15 - 1/09/16. 

Let's Make It Official

To formally sign up as a content creator for Hilton Garden Inn please fill out the form below. 

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