Instant lightsaber?

Time travel? 

We want to know about the greatest phone you've ever imagined. 

Campaign Overview

We're looking for influencers to share about the greatest phone feature they've ever imagined. From intergalactic travel to holographic conference calls - no idea is too crazy! As the influencer you have creative control over the photos and captions you post, as you know best how to authentically engage your followers.

Sharing these ideas is meant to encourage fans and followers to share their own ideas for the chance to win a new Axon phone and $10,000 in cash! 

Influencer Requirements

-  Share a photo or video detailing the greatest phone feature you've ever imagined - the more creative the better!

- Each influencer is required to share at least 2 pieces of content to the network(s) designated by Snapfluence Community Manager

- Tag #AxonYouWish or #AxonPhone in all posts

- Tag #sp in all posts (caption or comments) to designate sponsored post

- Tag @AxonPhone (on Twitter only)

- Include link in all posts

Twitter - 
Instagram - 
YouTube - 
Vine - 

- Posts will refrain from any photo, video and/or language content that is considered overly offensive, violent or inappropriate for a public audience

Influencer Compensation

Compensation will be distributed via PayPal within 30 days following the end date of the campaign end date. The amount of compensation for participating in this campaign will be determined prior to the campaign start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager.

Campaign Timeline

All influencers will be assigned to 1 posting window between 6/26/15 - 7/14/15. 

Sample Posts

The following ideas and images are meant to inspire your photos, but should not be uploaded as your influencer posts.

YOU GUYS, MY PHONE TURNED INTO A LIGHTSABER!! Ok, maybe just in my head...but a guy can dream, can't he? Show off the greatest phone feature you've ever imagined and you might win big with #AxonYouWish. #sp #needthisnow

The day my phone starts turning dud snacks into donuts...well, you won't be seeing me for a while. Share your dream phone feature at #AxonPhone #sp #donutdaze 


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