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What’s so great about living in California?

Campaign Overview

We're partnering with the The California Association of REALTORS® to help tell the stories of why some of the top Instagrammers we know are so proud to call California home. From the feel-good weather to the endless adventures your family takes here, we want to hear all about your unique stories! As the influencer you have creative control over the photos and captions you post to tell your story, as you know best how to authentically engage your fans. 

Influencer Requirements

We think the visual stories you share everyday would make you a perfect social influencer to work on this campaign. Along with your traditional posting style, influencers are required to:

- Share 2 individual photos to Instagram and Twitter (if applicable)

- Include a personal sentiment on why it's great living in California

- Tag @carealtors on Instagram and Twitter (if applicable)

- Include #WhoisYourRealtor in all posts

- Include one of the following in all posts to show FTC compliance: #ad, #sponsored, #spon or #sp. 

Bonus points for encouraging your followers to consider a move to CA!

Influencer Compensation

Compensation will be distributed via PayPal within 30 days following the end date of the ambassador's assigned phase. The amount of compensation for participating in this campaign will be determined prior to the campaign start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager

Campaign Timeline

This campaign runs from 5/1/15 - 6/5/15. All influencers will be assigned to 2 separate posting windows within the timeline. Influencers should post once within each posting window. 

Sample Posts

The following ideas and images are meant to inspire your photos, but should not be uploaded as your influencer posts.

Took the morning off and drove down to La Jolla with James. If you don't have the beach in your backyard, you're doing something wrong. #CAforlife #whoisyourrealtor @carealtors #spon #beachday


Where else can we walk out the door and be greeted by this perfect scenery? California has our hearts. @carealtors. #whoisyourrealtor #CAliving #Cali #sp #lovewhereyoulive


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