We're partnering with Bitdefender to amp up their incredible Bitdefender BOX product. 

We think you'd be a perfect social influencer to work on this campaign, won't you join us?



Campaign Overview

Bitdefender is a leader in computer security software, and we're partnering with them to spread awareness and excitement about their cutting-edge line of products. Whether you're a PC novice, tech expert, parent or gamer - Bitdefender has antivirus protection for your everyday needs. We're inviting you to join us as a Bitdefender influencer to receive special access to the Bitdefender suite of products and tell your unique stories of using them.

Influencer Requirements

As the influencer you have creative control over the photos and captions you post to tell your story, as you know best how to authentically engage your fans. 

On Twitter

- Mention product and/or a favorite feature of Bitdefender BOX 

- Include photo in at least 1 tweet (Photo of product, swag package item,, etc.)

- Tag @bitdefender in each post

- Include #bitdefender in each post

- Include one of the following to designate sponsored post: #sp, "Partnering with @Bitdefender," "Provided by @bitdefender," "Brought to you by @Bitdefender" in each post

(Photo not required)

On YouTube

- Mention Bitdefender BOX in caption and title

- Showcase at least 5 key features of the product

- Include one of the following to designate sponsored post: #sp,"Partnering with @Bitdefender," "Provided by @bitdefender," "Brought to you by @Bitdefender."

Product Giveaway

Select influencers will be given an additional Bitdefender BOX product to feature in a fan giveaway. It is up to you how you structure the giveaway. Tweets and Youtube videos should make mention of this. Please contact your Snapfluence Community Manager with any questions.

Bitdefender BOX

Check out Bitdefender BOX

Bitdefender BOX is the all-inclusive cyberseruity solution packed into one smartphone-controlled device.

It protects everything in your home that is connected to the internet from Smart TVs to smart appliances. BOX keeps all of your connected devices safe from malware, online fraud, data theft, online spying and other online dangers.  Use your smartphone to control BOX. The BOX app will notify you of your network events and allow you to control all of your devices. View product.

Influencer Compensation

Compensation will be distributed via PayPal 30 days following the end date of the campaign. The amount of compensation for participating in this campaign will be determined prior to the campaign start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager

Campaign Timeline

This campaign runs from 12/11/15 - 12/31/15. All influencers will be assigned to 2 separate posting windows within the timeline. Influencers should post once within each posting window. 

Let's Make It Official

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