Ardene is looking to partner with a few fashion-forward creators to enjoy their line of trendy women's clothing. We think you'd be a perfect social influencer to work on this campaign, won't you join us?

Campaign Overview

Ardene is looking to partner with a few fashionable, creative ladies who can style their favorite Ardene looks and share with their friends and fans on Instagram. As an Ardene influencer, you'll work with the brand to choose your favorite products, then post about how you rocked them in your next #OOTD.  

You will be provided with product and content ideas for each image, but as the creator, you will have creative freedom over the photo styling and captions you post.

About Ardene

Created in Montreal, Quebec, Ardene has been celebrated by many fashion savvy and value conscious shoppers since 1982. Ardene has quickly become the source for the most current fashion accessories, footwear and clothing at affordable prices. Ardene knows how important it is to look good and still have enough money left over to have fun!

Influencer Requirements

-  Each Ardene influencer will share 2-4 unique posts on Instagram

- Tag @Ardene and #ARDENELOVE in all posts

- To designate a sponsored post, include 1 phrase (or similar) to the following in all posts:

“I’m partnering with Ardene…"/ “I'm working with Ardene...”/ “Provided by Ardene...”

- Follow outlined image guidelines, below:

Image Guidelines

Image 1 - Post will show the package received from Ardene - package itself and/or flat shots of contents in the box. At least 3 Ardene items should be shown in this photo. OK to add other items to shot (ex. Accessory, Notebook, Candle, etc.), but do not call out other brands. Examples below:

Image 2 - Post will show how you styled (and rocked) your Ardene items. At least 3 Ardene items should be shown in this photo. OK to add other items to shot (ex. Accessory, Notebook, Candle, etc.), but do not call out other brands. Examples below:


- Tag any other brands in posts (caption or photo)

- Don’t use heavy filters as to distort the product color

- Post any photos with less than 3 Ardene products clearly shown


- Feature a mix of on-figure and product concept/product laydown photography

- OK to feature other brands as long as logos are not visable

- Follow posting requirements for each photo

Brand Accounts

For more inspiration on your #ARDENELOVE posts, check out the brand's social accounts..









Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.30.15 PM.png

Influencer Compensation

All influencers will be given a minimum of 6 pieces of Ardene product in a Christmas themed package prior to posting. Compensation will be distributed via PayPal 30 days following the campaign end date. The amount of compensation for participating in this campaign will be determined prior to the campaign start date with your Snapfluence Community Manager.

Campaign Timeline

All influencers will be assigned to 2 different posting windows between 11/17/15 - 11/26/15. All influencer photos must remain live until 12/25/15 to receive compensation.

Let's Make It Official

To formally sign up as an influencer for Ardene, please fill out the form below. Please note we cannot guarantee you will receive the exact items you've selected due to availability. If your selected items are not available the Ardene team will choose similar items for your package.

Please copy & paste links in for specific products. 

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